Do you print on plastics?

We partner with trusted outside suppliers to provide you with printed plastic solutions. All About Packaging can help coordinate with those suppliers on joint projects so you only have to deal with one point of contact.

What types of plastic do you use?

We stock PET (recycled and virgin) and PVC (recycled, virgin and impact modified) thermoplastics in a variety of gauges. We can thermoform nearly all, widely available thermoplastics. Contact us with your thermoforming needs and we will find a solution.

What are your standard lead-times?

Lead-times vary depending on the complexity of your packaging project. Standard lead-times for printed items are 2-3 weeks; for thermoformed items 3-5 weeks. We work with our customers to deliver high-quality packaging within reasonable time frames and strive to...

What size orders do you run?

We have low minimum-run order quantities so we can service all your custom packaging needs. From 500 to 500,000 pieces, All About Packaging is your trusted supplier for custom packaging.

What is a blister?

A thermoformed blister is a shell of rigid plastic utilized to retain product. Thermoformed blisters can be the inside or the outside of a package. Blisters are made from a sheet of transparent or colored plastic that is thermoformed into a specific shape and can have...

What is a clamshell?

A thermoformed clamshell is a shell of rigid plastic that hinges in the middle to retain a product and graphic insert(s). Clamshells typically start out as a sheet of transparent thermoplastic that is heated and formed into a detailed shape to allow for the desired...